River Side Home Stay

.... A Home Stay Located in beautifull Sunticoppa, Coorg.


Come experience the true meaning of Home away from Home. Tired of the rat race in the city, need a weekend to rest, eat and catch up on your reading? Want a quite cozy place for your honeymoon or to rekindle your love once again, then go head and visit Ponnu and Muthappa at their beautifull estate home in Sunticoppa, Coorg. With all the comforts of a home with out the worry and hassle of house work,
River Side Cottages offers you its' slice of life in Coorg.

The fresh awaking fragance of coffee, spicy aroma of caradmum and pepper,
tangy mouth watering flavour of oranges and sweet nector of honey,
Welcome to a ever lasting memory of Coorg


Features at River Side:

        River Side Cottage is not a luxury hotel - just an extremely convenient and totally comfortable bed and breakfast inn.The atmosphere is perfect for those who would rather kick-off their shoes and spend a day in the river, spending quality time with their family or, if the heart desires lounge away on the patio reading a good book, enjoying the fresh air, peace and quiet of the beautiful estate.

   At night the gentle gurgling of the river, chirping of the crickets and rustling of the leaves fills the air, and the true glory of nature lays opens up in the sky, with a million stars just waiting for you to reach out and touch them. The Resort is like Utopia for a philosopher. If you like to mingle with nature, watch leaves flutter in a dance and hear the sounds of birds fill the air, feel the romance in the mountains, the tingle of the cool gentle breeze, then Coorg is just the place for you!

       Each of the cottages face the Hatti River, (one of the many tributaries’ that joins the Cauvery River), which gently meanders, through the estate. At night the soft gentle waves sounds like a gentle lullaby that rocks you gently into blissfull sleep. The best part about the resort is the authentic Coorg cuisine. It is very interesting to notice that there aren’t any restaurants in Coorg that offer you authentic Coorg cuisine as a part of their menu.


Please be advised the home stay is 7km away from Suniticoppa Town. It resides inside the coffee estate.

The Directions are as follows: Please take a print out for your trip to Riverside Cottage

Once you reach Suntikoppa, the road splits into 2 at a small circle. The left side is to Mercara and right to Riverside Cottage.

You have to take right from there; you will find Karnataka Bank on your right side at the small circle.

Keep going up the road; you'll cross Vijaya Bank on the left and  a church on the right.

From Vijaya Bank you have to keep going forward for 1km, all the buildings will end and you'll find coffee estates on both sides of the road.

Keep a look out for a GREY JUNCTION BOX, on a your left side. Please take the estate road on your left at the telephone junction for Riverside Cottages. All the distances mentioned below are using the telephone junction as the Reference point. ( RESET the km button in your car for exact readings)

Please follow the directions on the road signs you will see on the road side.

: From the telephone juntion box 1.2 km, Road Sign  -Bettagere

: From the telephone junction box 2.1 km, Road Sign- Block 1 area 14.11

:From the telephone junction box 2.2 km, Road Sign - D.V. Shivappa Bettagere Estate

:From the telephone junction box 2.3 km, Road Sign- Bungalow

:From the telephone junction box 2.9 km,  dead end, Road Sign -Kollur Bijjunumotte division take left. You will finds the same board Kollur Bijjunimotte and Board Block 8 and Board - School zone

:From the telephone junction box 3.9 km, Road Sign Board-Bijjunumotte Division. Further the road turns left

: From the telephone junction box 4.3 km, Dead End -Road Sign -Temple & Paddy Field

:From the telephone junction box 4.5 km, Dead End Road Sign -Paddy Field & Anjanagree Block. Take Right.

:From the telephone junction box 4.6 km,  take first left

:From the telephone junction box4 .9, you'll find a red gate on your right. Enter the gate and keep coming down.

:From the telephone junction box 5.3 km, you'll find a paddy field on your left and white Pulper House on your right.

:Give us a Call from the Pulper House


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